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Wastewater Treatment

Chemical Wastewater Treatment

The essence of microbial culture is to treat water and wastewater in the most sustainable and eco-friendly manner by harnessing the power and potential of beneficial bacteria and circumventing the use of toxic chemical processes. This method replaces or reduces the need for toxic chemical processes, promoting sustainable wastewater management.

The application of microbial culture is industry-agnostic. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, food & beverage (F&B), or any other industry, clean process water is essential for manufacturing. PureBact microbial culture helps these industries achieve the highest quality of water while adhering to strict regulations and norms.

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In a similar fashion, every industry subsequently also generates a lot of industrial wastewater (effluent), which is treated in effluent treatment plants (ETPs).  Some of the water also goes to the sewage treatment plants (STPs) for further treatment. PureBact microbial culture helps in enhancing the performance of these ETPs / STPs and treating the wastewater enough to either meet stringent discharge norms or reuse it in further applications.

Advantages of using PureBact microbial culture in Wastewater Treatment

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