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PureBact: Our Journey Towards a More Sustainable World

Industries we serve

PureBact’s Microbial Culture offerings provide a wide range of sustainable solutions across industries and help organizations meet pollution norms and sustainability goals.

How does PureBact microbial culture work?

Microbial culture operates as a bioaugmentation tool in water treatment by harnessing the metabolic activities of specific microbial strains. These microbes are carefully selected for their ability to metabolize and break down organic pollutants present in water. Once introduced into a water treatment system, these cultures multiply and thrive, forming a robust microbial community. These bacteria utilize organic compounds as a food source, effectively reducing chemical oxygen demand (COD) and breaking down complex contaminants.

In processes such as activated sludge treatment or biofilters, microbial culture enhances the natural degradation of pollutants, resulting in improved water quality. This sustainable approach not only minimizes the need for chemical treatments but also promotes a healthier biological balance, contributing to efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment.

Our Aerobic Culture Products


Bioculture for robust growth of MLSS/MLVSS and quick commissioning of STPs


Avoiding upsets in ETPs and STPs through maintenance dosing


Strong bioculture for reduction of BOD & COD in ETPs and STPs

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Ultimate aerobic bioculture products and nutrient boosters

Our Driving Forces

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Sustainability is at the core of our mission. Through innovative solutions like PureBact we pioneer eco-friendly water treatment methods that significantly reduce the environmental footprint. By minimizing reliance on traditional chemical treatments, we strive to promote a greener, more sustainable future for industries across the board.
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PureBact, with its highly concentrated formula and proven efficacy, streamlines processes, ensuring optimal results while minimizing resource usage. Our focus on efficiency extends beyond product performance to the overall enhancement of water treatment practices, allowing industries to achieve their goals with maximum effectiveness.
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Problem Solving

We believe our PureBact bacteria culture products can solve the most challenging water treatment problems faced by organizations. Backed by strategic partnerships and cutting-edge research, our solutions address the unique needs of industries, providing tailored, effective answers to their toughest water treatment problems.

Our Certifications

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Food Safety System Certification 22000

ISO 22000 2018 certification page 0001

ISO 22000 : 2018 Certification

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FAMI-QS certification

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GMP Certification


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PureBact is a leading brand of bacterial culture with 25+ years of experience in biological wastewater treatment. As a pioneer in aerobic biocultures, we are certified with various reputed organisations, such as FSS, ISO, GMP, and FEMI-QS.

Purebact has a series of highly concentrated microbial culture products that improve wastewater treatment efficiency. These concentrated bacteria help to promote optimal microbial activities and thus break down wastewater contaminants.

PureBact has a range of products for the biological wastewater treatment solution. And, those products are listed below:

  • PureBact GEN: Contains 750 million CFU/gram of the product
  • PureBact 10: Contains 1 billion CFU/gram of the product
  • PureBact 20: Contains 2 billion CFU/gram of the product
  • PureBact 50: Contains 5 billion CFU/gram of the product
  • PureBact 100: Contains 10 billion CFU/gram of the product

The industries that benefit from aerobic treatment of wastewater, include sewage wastewater treatment, food and beverage industries, chemical industries, pharmaceuticals, sugar industry, textile industry, and various other manufacturing industries.

PureBact is a leading exporter of bacterial culture. It takes pride in offering several benefits of its bacterial culture products. And, those benefits are:  

  • As a leading bacterial culture manufacturer, It provides certificates that guarantee the microbial cell count concentration. 
  • PureBact’s products are highly effective and environmentally friendly.

PureBact uses its transformative technology to multiply the microbial organism in a controlled environment and enhance the wastewater treatment process.

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