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Pharmaceutical Industry

Production of pharmaceutical products

The pharmaceutical industry has been built around impeccable quality, high precision, and strict adherence to regulations, encompassing both the final product and the pharmaceutical wastewater generated during manufacturing. Here’s where microbial culture becomes a pivotal necessity.

Water quality plays a vital part in the production of pharmaceutical products. Every raw material and chemical used undergoes the most rigorous certifications/registrations.

PureBact microbial culture comes in as a godsend for such a highly regulated industry.  By treating the pharmaceutical wastewater with microbial cultures, manufacturers ensure the highest level of safety and efficacy in their medicinal products.

jpeg optimizer vaccine production laboratory glass flasks with chemical liquid infrared radiation
Furthermore, PureBact microbial culture effectively treats complex pharmaceutical effluents. It breaks down the tough-to-treat organic and inorganic contaminants present in these streams, a result of the extensive manufacturing processes.

Advantages of using PureBact microbial culture in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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