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Pioneering Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions

Through our PureBact range of aerobic bioculture products, we champion the transformative power of microbiology in revolutionizing water treatment. Embracing the intricate workings of beneficial microbes and bacteria culture, we have harnessed their natural abilities to create sustainable solutions that redefine the landscape of water treatment.

Our commitment to microbiology goes beyond conventional practices, presenting a sustainable approach that is not only eco-friendly but also highly effective. Through pioneering products like PureBact, we aim to set new standards in sustainable water solutions, proving that the smallest elements can make the most significant impact on the future of water treatment. Join us in this microbial journey towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world.

Uncompromising Quality, Guaranteed Concentration

With PureBact, we take pride in delivering the highest quality aerobic microbial culture products with guaranteed concentrations. With our 4 variants, you get exactly what you expect.

Our promise:

A guaranteed cell count is the cornerstone of product quality when it comes to the integrity of our PureBact range of microbial cultures. It ensures that every purchase delivers the precise concentration promised, giving you the results you expect. 

Whether you’re a researcher, a healthcare professional, or an enthusiast, the reliability of a guaranteed cell count is essential. It eliminates guesswork, allowing you to achieve consistent and accurate results every time. When you choose our microbial culture with a guaranteed cell count, you’re choosing quality, reliability, and the peace of mind that your work or health is supported by a product you can trust.

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Our R&D/Manufacturing facility in Baroda, Gujarat

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