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Our Aerobic Products

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Bioculture for robust growth of MLSS/MLVSS and quick commissioning of STPs. 

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Avoiding upsets in ETPs and STPs through maintenance dosing.

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Strong bioculture for reduction of BOD & COD in ETPs and STPs.

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Ultimate bioculture product to swiftly regain control over extremely challenging ETP conditions.

PureBact Premium Nutrient Booster

Selected microorganisms for the degradation of Ammonical Nitrogen in effluents.

PureBact Economy Nutrient Booster

Blend of Micronutrients to enhance plant performance.

PureBact AN
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Stronger blend of Micronutrients to enhance plant performance & promote rapid microbial growth.


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PureBact aerobic products target various aerobic microorganisms in wastewater treatment such as bacteria, viruses, algae, pathogens, and protozoa.

The aerobic wastewater treatment offered by PureBact is completely safe for the environment as these products are made from naturally occurring and non-pathogenic microbes such as the bacillus strain.

Yes, PureBact’s bacteria culture for wastewater treatment is highly compatible with most used treatment chemicals. However, it is recommended to perform a compatibility test before using it.

The shelf life of purebact products is 2 years from the date of manufacturing. Our aerobic bacteria for wastewater treatment undergo extensive laboratory testing and studies to ensure the effectiveness of aerobic products lasts for as long as possible to its maximum potential.

As a leading provider of aerobic digesters in wastewater treatment, we offer technical support to our customers. You can contact us with any queries related to our products and our technical teams will be more than happy to assist you.

An acclimatised culture in wastewater treatment refers to microorganisms that have adapted to thrive in the specific conditions of a treatment system. These microbes promote aerobic digestion in wastewater treatment and break down the contaminants exposed to microbial populations.

PureBact’s bacteria culture for water treatment products is designed to cover a versatile range of wastewater applications. However, here are some specific applications of each pure act product variant:  


  • PureBact GEN – It is our entry level product which works perfectly in treating wastewater in sewage treatment plants (STPs)
  • PureBact 10: It is a standard and cost-effective product designed for treating wastewater in sewage treatment plants (STPs) and effluent treatment plants (ETP). 
  • PureBact 20: It is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective product designed to treat domestic, municipal, and industrial wastewater. 
  • PureBact 50: It is a versatile general-purpose solution that treats domestic, municipal, and industrial wastewater. This product is capable of treating challenging wastewater more efficiently.
  • PureBact 100: This product is formulated for treating extremely challenging wastewater with an extra enzymatic boost. It is an extremely suited product for treating critical domestic, municipal, and industrial wastewater challenges.

Aerobic wastewater treatment uses oxygen to break down organic pollutants. Aerobic microbes feed on organic matter and pollutants in the presence of oxygen. This process leads to clean wastewater available for reuse.

Aerobic wastewater treatment uses oxygen to break down organic matter, while anaerobic treatment occurs in the absence of oxygen.

PureBact’s products are designed to improve microbial growth by providing micronutrients to the microorganism. It facilitates rapid wastewater treatment and further prevents plant upset.

PureBact’s products are made for treating industrial and sewage wastewater, but they can effectively treat drinking water by removing chemical and biological contamination in WTPs.

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