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Aerobic Bioculture: PureBact 50

  • PureBact 50 stands out as a potent, environmentally preferable, and versatile general-purpose solution meticulously crafted to mitigate and proactively prevent disruptions in wastewater treatment across domestic, municipal, and industrial settings.


  • Beyond providing a standard supply of essential micronutrients, this product incorporates a blend of carefully chosen, safe, and beneficial bacterial strains at a strength of five billion CFUs per gram of  the product. Thorough laboratory testing guarantees that these strains deliver peak performance in both aerobic and anaerobic environments, sustaining a reliable production of enzymes crucial for efficient organic degradation. The array of enzymes produced includes protease, lipase, amylase, and cellulase, among others.


  • With elevated levels of bacteria and nutrients, this product is primed to swiftly initiate its biological processes, addressing more challenging wastewater situations with efficiency.

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PureBact 50 is an efficient and environment-friendly bacteria culture for ETP and offers a multi-level biological solution that caters to effluent treatment plants. Moreover, Purebact 50 also provides efficient wastewater treatment in domestic, municipal, and industrial settings.

PureBact 50 is a research-driven general-purpose solution that offers various microorganisms for ETP that proactively prevent disruptions in wastewater treatment. It provides essential nutrients and beneficial enzymes to support efficient organic degradation.

PureBact 50 is the highly potent microbial culture for ETP that facilitates the elevated level of bacteria and nutrients to rapidly up the biological process. Its strong strains are capable of delivering the peak performance needed for every effluent treatment plant.

PureBact 50 is sealed with highly robust and effective microorganisms for effluent treatment plants. To apply PureBact 50, the user needs to mix 1 kg of solution into 20 liters of feed water or 2 kg into 40 liters of feed water. And, follow the dosage chart to have a correct measurement. In case you need any guidance, contact our experts.

Yes, our PureBact 50 is highly safe to use in ETPs as it doesn’t contain any harmful cultures and chemical compounds.

PureBact 50 starts its job as soon as they are infused with wastewater. Our laboratory-chosen microbes are designed to promote rapid and effective organic degradation by initiating rapid microbial startups.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,