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Textile Industry

Textile Industry Treatment

The textile industry is possibly the leading advocate and consumer of microbial culture products for textile wastewater treatment. The sheer complexity and nature of the effluent coming out of this industry have made them an early and significant adopter of bacteria culture.

Water treatment in the textile industry is crucial, as water is a vital resource integral to various manufacturing processes. Microbial culture offers a transformative and sustainable approach to textile wastewater treatment.

The intricate nature of textile production often involves the use of dyes, chemicals, and other additives, resulting in wastewater with complex compositions. This leads to the effluent having large amounts of inorganic and recalcitrant compounds, making it extremely hard to treat.

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Further complicating matters, Pollution Control Boards (PCBs) all over the country and even abroad have strict regulations, mandating colorless effluent (or color below a specific Pt-Co level). PureBact microbial culture becomes an indispensable tool in effectively addressing these challenges and even reducing the color in the effluent to acceptable levels.

Advantages of using PureBact microbial culture in the Textile Industry

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