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Frequently Ask Questions


PureBact is a specialized microbial culture developed after years of R&D and numerous trials. It is available in powder form, and designed for wastewater treatment in various industries. It aids in the reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), and other organic contaminants.

PureBact contains a high concentration of beneficial microorganisms, specifically from the Bacillus strain. When mixed with water and acclimatized, it forms a powerful solution that, when dosed into Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) or Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs), actively works to break down organic matter and contaminants.

PureBact is available in four variants:
• PureBact 10: Contains 1 billion CFU/gram
• PureBact 20: Contains 2 billion CFU/gram
• PureBact 50: Contains 5 billion CFU/gram
• PureBact 100: Contains 10 billion CFU/gram

Follow these steps:
• Mix the PureBact powder with the recommended quantity of water (1kg in 20 litres of
• Allow the solution to acclimatize.
• Dose the acclimatized solution into the STPs/ETPs as per guidelines.
• Please get in touch with our technical team for tailored dosing suggestions

PureBact is effective against a wide range of organic contaminants, including but not limited to COD and BOD. It promotes the overall health of wastewater treatment systems.

Yes, PureBact is environmentally friendly. It consists of naturally occurring, non-pathogenic microorganisms, specifically the Bacillus strain, which is safe for the ecosystem.

PureBact is suitable for various industries, including textiles, chemical, F&B, pharmaceuticals, sugar, and more, where wastewater treatment is a critical aspect of operations.

Yes, PureBact is generally compatible with commonly used treatment chemicals. However, it is recommended to perform compatibility tests before simultaneous use. You can get in touch with our technical team so we can understand your requirements better and provide tailored solutions.

The recommended shelf life of PureBact is 2 years from the date of manufacturing. Its formulation from the Bacillus strain, known for its stability and sporulating nature, contributes to maintaining a healthy shelf life, ensuring product performance is extremely effective and efficient.

PureBact is available directly through us as well as our authorized distributors. Contact our sales team or visit our website for more information.

Yes, our technical support team is available to assist you with any queries related to plant commissioning, technology suitability, lab testing, dosage recommendations, and
troubleshooting. Contact our sales/technical team for any assistance.

No, PureBact is available for purchase in quantities suitable for both small-scale and large-scale applications.

PureBact manufacturing processes comply with ISO 22000 : 2018, ISO 9001 : 2015, FAMIQS, FSSC 22000, GOTS & GMP. Our product is manufactured under strict quality control measures. Our manufacturing plant is based in Savli, Baroda. The product goes through numerous stages of rigorous testing before it is packed and shipped to solve all your water treatment challenges.

While PureBact is primarily designed for industrial applications, it can be effective in certain domestic wastewater treatment scenarios. Consult with our technical team for personalized recommendations.

Acclimatized culture refers to the process of preparing PureBact for application in wastewater treatment systems. Once PureBact is mixed with water, it undergoes a period of acclimatization, allowing the microbial culture to adapt to the specific conditions of the target environment. This ensures optimal performance when dosed into Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) or Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs). During acclimatization, the microbial population becomes well-adjusted to the unique characteristics of the wastewater, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of
PureBact in breaking down organic matter and contaminants.

Yes, we conduct lab treatability studies for clients, specifically for Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs). Our studies aim to assess the effectiveness of PureBact in treating effluents from industrial processes. However, for Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs), we do not carry out separate lab treatability studies. PureBact 10 is our standard product, meticulously formulated to work efficiently in a broad range of STP effluents, offering a reliable solution for wastewater treatment.

  • PureBact 10: This is our standard product designed for Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) and is suitable for a wide range of STP effluents.
  • PureBact 20: Ideal for slightly more challenging STP effluents, offering enhanced
    performance in specific conditions.
  • PureBact 50: Tailored for use in Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs), addressing the treatment needs of industrial effluents.
  • PureBact 100: Specifically formulated for extremely challenging effluents, such as those found in pharmaceutical and textile industries. It provides a robust solution for complex wastewater treatment scenarios in ETPs.

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