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Our Collaborative Journey:

Towards the Innovation Of PureBact

At Pure Water Enterprises, our commitment to pioneering sustainable water treatment solutions is fortified by the birth of our PureBact range of aerobic bacteria culture through a strategic partnership with Zytex Biotech, one of the leading biotechnology organizations in India. This collaboration represents a harmonious fusion of expertise and innovation, where Pure Water Enterprises leverages its deep understanding of water treatment challenges, and Zytex Biotech contributes cutting-edge biotechnological advancements to position PureBact as the leading bacteria culture product in the industry.


Pure Water Enterprises

Pure Water Enterprises is the marketing and technical support provider for the PureBact range of products. We are a well-established company with 25 year’s experience with headquarters in Mumbai. Our experience in the water treatment industry leading manufacturer as well as distributors for various technologies such as RO membranes, MBR, UF/NF membranes, ion exchange resins, etc. in India. We work as Channel partners for various water treatment multinationals such as Veolia(Suez), Xylem, Purolite, Aquaporin, Pani Energy, etc. We understand water better than most, and our entire team works as your team to help you solve your toughest challenges through an innovative range of solutions such as PureBact bacteria culture.

Zytex Biotech

Zytex Biotech is the technological backbone behind the PureBact range of products. It has 75 years of experience in manufacturing and concocting enzymes and bacterial cultures for various industries such as textiles, agriculture, aquaculture, pharma, etc. and it is the market leader in India. As the predominant market leader in India, Zytex Biotech leverages its extensive biotechnological expertise to drive innovation and deliver pioneering solutions including PureBact for the water and wastewater industry. Recognized for their unwavering commitment to excellence, Zytex Biotech plays a crucial role in the research and development of PureBact, ensuring that the product meets the highest quality standards in the industry.


Our Capabilities

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2 NABL accredited labs

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More than 25+ years of experience


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Our Certifications

Food Safety System Certification 22000 FSSC page 0001 1

Food Safety System Certification 22000

ISO 22000 2018 certification page 0001

ISO 22000 : 2018 Certification

FAMI QS certification pdf

FAMI-QS certification

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GMP Certification


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