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Chemical Industry

Chemical Wastewater Treatment

Much like the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry is highly regulated, with chemical wastewater treatment being a critical aspect. Water quality is an essential component in the numerous chemical manufacturing processes. The quality of water being used directly influences the outcome of the chemical reactions throughout the manufacturing process and the quality of the final product. Chemical wastewater treatment plays a vital role in ensuring both.

Microbial treatment using PureBact microbial culture offers a highly sustainable, eco-friendly, and effective alternative to traditional chemical treatment for chemical process water treatment/purification. By harnessing the power of microbiology, chemical companies can achieve substantial reductions in chemical usage while enhancing water quality.

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An even more significant application for PureBact in the chemical industry lies in treating chemical industry wastewater. Effluents from these industries are highly toxic in nature and comprise complex inorganic compounds. PureBact can help in the breakdown of these compounds and help companies meet discharge norms.

Advantages of using PureBact microbial culture in the Chemical Industry

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