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PureBact: Aerobic Ammoniacal Nitrogen

  • Ammoniacal nitrogen in wastewater refers to the presence of nitrogen compounds in the form of ammonia (NH3) or ammonium ions (NH4+). This nitrogen is often a byproduct of human and industrial activities and can pose environmental, regulatory and health risks if not properly managed.

  • PureBact AN is a multispecies beneficial bacterial consortium formulation for mitigation of ammoniacal nitrogen issues in wastewater. Bacterial strains in PureBact AN secret high concentration of extracellular enzymes which quickly degrade organic matter in wastewater thus preventing their decomposition which leads to ammonia generation.

  • Bioingredients present in the formulation absorb ammonia from water and also inhibit urease enzyme which is responsible for microbial conversion of urea to ammonia. They also breakdown ammonia to nitrates and further harmless compounds.


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